ProtoCentral Sensything

A sensor is a measure of the changes that occur in the physical environment or it is your chance to interface with the physical world. It collects this data and provides an analog voltage as an output. The output range usually varies from 0 to 5 volts, for most of them.

Sensything offers you the platform to explore Sensor based Applications in the following areas where data collection and data monitoring for research and developmental purposes are essential:-

  • Indoor or Home based
  • Environmental
  • Laboratory or Research
  • Industrial

In the case of Sensything, Analog and Qwiic sensors can be connected.


An Analog sensor has the ability to measure the variable in a continuous manner and by detecting the proportional value. In other words, Analog is directly related to precision. To enhance this capability the Sensything has an inbuilt 24-bit ADC called ADS1220 for quick and precision based sensor readings. In case your projects are reliant on accurate and precision values for your varied projects then look no further.

You can find Analog sensor experiments in