Experiment 2 - Barometric pressure sensor

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Experiment 2 - Barometric pressure sensor

* Objective

To determine the Barometric pressure.

* Application

BMP180 barometric pressure sensor can be used to predict the weather, detect altitude, and measure vertical velocity.

* Procedure

This sensor is one of the low-cost solutions for sensing applications related to barometric pressure and temperature. The BMP180 can communicate directly with a microcontroller in the device through I2C or SPI as a variant. The applications for this sensor is navigation, GPS positioning as well as a tracker for hikers. We have enabled Qwiic connection using the channels.

BMP180 Sensor

* Excerpts from the code:

baseline = getPressure();
Serial.print("baseline pressure: ");
double a,P;

P = getPressure();             // Get a new pressure reading:
a = pressure.altitude(P,baseline); // Show the relative altitude difference between the new reading and the baseline reading

char status;
double T,P;

status = pressure.startTemperature();
status = pressure.getTemperature(T);

status = pressure.startPressure();
status = pressure.getPressure(P,T);

Download the full code here

* Pin mapping and connection instructions:

Sensything pin label BMP180 Sensor
sda sda
scl scl
3V3 Vcc

Connection Instructions
- Connect the Qwiic BMP180 directly into the sensything Qwiic-1 or Qwiic-2 port